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Jennifer Cowan

Picture Book Writer

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Hello and thank you for visiting my page!

I am a passionate picture book writer who believes that books have the ability to expand worlds, create possibilities, give children the opportunity to witness tribulations and triumphs, and make the littlest among us feel seen, heard, and inspired.

Lofty? Perhaps.

Possible? YES!

About Me

(pretty boring)


B.A. in Psychology, UC Berkeley

Masters of Social Welfare, UCLA

(less boring)


Picture Book Writing Education

Courses through:

Highlights Foundation

Writers' Workshop

Journey to Kidlit

Susanna Leonard Hill - Making PB Magic

Creating the Picture Book with Kelly Bingham

SCBWI courses and conferences

Webinars led by:

Tara Lazar

Valerie Boling

Harold Underdown

Pat Zeitlow Miller

Rosie J. Pova


and many many many others!

(I'm a learning nerd!)


A Winner of Vivian Kirkfield's 50 Precious Words - 2022


The Longer Version

I live in Los Angeles and am the mom of three amazing kids and wife of one amazing husband.

I also live with 3 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 hermit crabs.

I love digging in the dirt and gardening -- having a home filled with fresh flowers makes me very happy!  I'm on a mission to save the monarchs, and get really excited when their caterpillars make my milkweed their temporary home. (Current count - 12 caterpillars!)

I also love going on long walks, hanging out at the beach, meeting friends for brunch, and taking ballet classes.

And I LOVE musical theater!

I live in a family of writers. My husband is a TV writer and producer, my oldest daughter writes half-hour comedies, and one of my younger children is applying to MFA programs for creative writing. I round them out by writing Picture Books!

One of my proudest accomplishments is becoming a therapy dog team with my brilliant Bernedoodle, Queen Victoria (ToTo, V-dog, Tori, Queen V....too many nicknames!). We primarily "work" at UCLA Hospital, and I plan to incorporate picture books into our visits with  hospitalized children. 

I've always wanted to write for children, and thoroughly enjoy all parts of the process, the endless learning, turning thoughts into outlines, writing, and, yes, even revising. Next up....getting published!

My books run the gamut from heartfelt to quite silly. There's something for everyone!



The Barnyard Chorus    I Hate Beans! 
Sunflowers for Grandpa
CATerpillar      Springtime is Spring's Time
               Ollie the Overnight Bear
I Hate Halloween!
Playdate Blues 


Teddy Bear

Can you guess which lines go with which stories?

(You'll have to wait to read the books to find out!)

*Daisy plopped in the mud and cried salty tears.*

*Bounce! Bump! Bonk!    * Pillar's paws got twitchy. *  Mr. Bumble, be nice!*

*NOOOOOO! * But one Friday, everything changed. *

*Monday sounded like a very far away day. * I'm NOT a cat! *

*I don't want to sound like YOU! * Sniffle sniff, his nose got tingly. *


*The box barked!  * Mother Earth was exasperated. *


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